No matter what kind of singing style you prefer, you need a classical technique foundation!

With over 15 years experience, my instructional method can help you attain your goals, teach you how to use the diaphragm, show you how to release your vocal potential with the correct breathing and expression, and help with Italian and Russian diction.

I teach the foundation of vocal technique, which enables application to any kind of singing style. I take a very individual approach to teaching, adapting to specific needs of the student at his/her level of development. As an active opera performer, I mainly concentrate on opening up the full potential of the voice and employ the right breathing support, as well as much attention to expression.

Adults and children are welcome. I teach at my place in Arlington, VA, but have flexibility to work in alternate locations or online.


Master of Arts – Hochschule der Kunste Bern, Switzerland

January 2011

Master of Arts – Moscow Tchaikovsky State Conservatory, Russia

May 2008


“A teacher who cares about the music as much as the development of her students. Yulia is fantastic, focused, and talented. I feel like she is tailoring the lessons to my abilities and pace. I’m very happy.” – ARIC LAVINTHAL  / Voice student

“Yulia is an amazing teacher who sings and makes it fun for the kids to learn music and how to play the piano.” – ALEJANDRA BAHREINI  / Piano students

Yulia is absolutely incredible!! She has been working with my 12-year-old daughter to strengthen her voice. The results are immediate. I had the pleasure of viewing the first lesson and I am pleased that she ran through all the technical aspects of signing. My daughter will be performing in a talent show today and her confidence is through the roof, thanks to Yulia. I recommend this coach 100%. – ELIZABETH G. RICHKOFSKI  / Voice Student

“Yulia, is an amazing teacher and voice coach. She can quickly identify and pin point the issues while singing and does not allow me to drift to form bad habits. She is methodical and commands a great technique which she shares with me. She tries different approaches to fix how I am singing and make me improve. Her passion,enthusiasm and energy makes me enjoy and get more excited about singing. Highly recommend, Thanks Yulia :)” – CARLO MAHFOUZ  / Voice Student

Yulia is focused, professional, and works very well with my 12 year old daughter. She knows what she is doing and has a warm and engaging way of teaching. We will continue to work with her and look forward to seeing improvements in my daughter’s technique. – AMY COUGHENOUR  / Voice Student

Yulia Petrachuk is an excellent singer and vocal coach . Her extensive knowledge of music, vocal technique along with her artistic gifts and ability to share them with others all combine to make her an outstanding artist and teacher. I highly recommend her! – GRACE L.  / Voice Student

Yulia is a thoughtful, methodical, and effective instructor. She is very supportive and has a way to stimulate her students. With me, she has produced some impressive results in a rather short timeframe. Languages are not learned over night, of course, however, a good foundation and early application is something I have achieved faster than I expected. Thank you, Yulia! – MIODRAG L.  / Voice Student